UDS Blog-o-rama: The Ubuntu Awakening of a ex-student has-been

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31. oktober, 2012

As most of you already know, the Ubuntu Developer Summit is going on right now in Copenhagen. Right now, I am sitting down in a break area with a lot of other participants writing a whole load of blog posts. Incidentally, it is also my first blog post for approximately 853 years.

About 4 or 5 years ago, when my activity in the Danish LoCo Team was at its highpoint, UDS was on my list of things I really, really wanted to do. But alas, travelling the world on a students budget seemed foolish, when the only thing I had to contribute was fluffy community stuff.

But, hooray! Now UDS is in Copenhagen, and the only cost of participating is a 40 minute bike ride to the Bella Center. The only catch, is that my participation is limited to the times where I can get off work, and other obligations. This has meant that I have only been able to attend half of tuesday, and wednesday. And none of the evening slots.

Even with those limitations, I can say that it is truly amazing \o/. The level of technical expertise has been high, but I have at least been able to get the gist of the discussions, and it has been very interesting, bordering on the exhilerating.

In fact, the energy is so exhilerating, that I simply have to squeeze in a stock Ubuntu Desktop into some part of my digital life, and I have decided to give the LoCo work a go once more. Maybe they but something in those fantastic blueberry smoothies?

If you could get the same awakening going in the local community without renting the Bella Center, we would be re-energising the Danish LoCo in a heartbeat! Any ideas on how to do this?

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  1. Jesper Jarlskov skriver:

    [...første blogpost i ca. 853 år.]
    Du mener vel siden år 853, du er jo værre end mig når det kommer til at få blogget :-)

    Hvis du gerne vil tilbage til LoCo-arbejdet hører jeg at der er en position ledig som LoCo-contact, den kan du nok godt få lov til at overtage.

    Jeg håber i kan holde gejsten oppe, jeg ville elske at se nogen få sparket lidt liv i det gode gamle LoCo team igen, så alt held og lykke med det. Jeg vil holde øje med jer, og hvad i finder ud af.